Planners to rate City Council's two-year goals

The Planning Commission will use a checklist to rate the City Council's recently approved two-year goals and long-term vision statement at its Tuesday meeting.

Commissioners will rate the 15 goals as "important" or "not important," and will also give written comments at the 7 p.m. study-session meeting at the Civic Center.

The council will use the input from city planners to shape revisions to the goals, values and vision statement documents, according to a council letter addressed to the commission.

In November, the council will consider revising the values and vision statement papers. The council will take up its list of goals next January, when it begins another goal-setting process for the 2011 fiscal year.

The council hopes to accomplish the goals, which are grouped into six subjects — the economy, environment, social equity, organization, public facilities and partnerships — by July of 2011.

The goals include completing the city's Croman Mill Master Plan, increasing car-free transportation options, studying Ashland's homeless population, restoring rail-service to the city and developing a plan to replace Fire Station No. 2.

Commissioners will also rate the council's vision statement and values, which are designed to guide the council in making decisions.

The values document lists good government, the natural environment, responsible land use, free expression, diversity, economy, independence, personal wellbeing and a sense of community as most important to the council.

The vision statement describes what the council thinks are Ashland's best attributes — its parks, community atmosphere and diversity are listed — in the hopes of preserving these aspects of the city.

"Ashland is eclectic and funky, and peoples' differences are treasured, not just tolerated," one section of the statement reads.

Also at the Tuesday meeting, Vicki Guarino, a planning coordinator with the Rogue Valley Council of Governments, will brief the commission on the findings of a local commuter rail study.

Later, the commission will address the Croman Mill Redevelopment Plan, reviewing future zoning requirements for the 65-acre parcel, located east of Tolman Creek Road.

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