PR firm opens philanthropic branch in Ashland

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the company's groundbreaking, Public Relations executive search firm Marshall Consultants, Joy and Larry Marshall have announced the creation of Marshall Fundraising Management which will cater to local and global non-profit organizations and will be based in Ashland. With this announcement Joy will be reopening the fund raising consulting business she previously had and reentering the world of philanthropy where, as her husband Larry says, she feels happiest.

"Joy's passion has always been in the nonprofit arena, especially nonprofit fund raising events, and, given her success in assisting nonprofit fund raising organizations, along with our good fortune in life, she decided she wanted us to continue to give back to society," he said.

Joy began her career in fund raising at a Children's Miracle Network hospital in Fresno, Calif. Within five years Joy had risen to be the director of the foundation there. Five years later, she started her own consulting business and began consulting for the Children's Miracle Network nationally, as well as to many other nonprofit organizations. She then took a staff position as head of fund raising for the Children's Miracle Network at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles and the executive producer for the annual Children's Miracle Network telethon filmed at Disneyland.

While many of their clients &

the Boys and Girls Clubs, the United Jewish Appeal, the Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, etc. &

are nationally and internationally known, the Marshall's love of the Rogue Valley and their wish to enrich the lives of its residents have compelled them to assist several local organizations such as the Community Health Center of Jackson County and the Camelot Theater Company of Talent.

Ted Gibbs, the president of the Camelot's board, is impressed with the depth of their expertise and experience as well as with the freshness of their approach. He says that while they have tried many other types of fund raisers, he feels that their upcoming fund raiser, scheduled for Oct. 21, will be vastly superior and clearly the "most sophisticated event" that they've ever attempted.

"It will be invitation only, with invitations going to Camelot supporters and people that those in our organization feel would like to know more about what Camelot Theatre is all about," he says. "There is not going to be an admission charge or silent auction of any kind, there is just going to be a great show with a lot of informative material about the theatre. At the end of the evening we are going to ask people, if they think that we're as good as we think we are, to pledge to support us."

Gibbs admits that the theater's lack of funds prevented them from considering someone such as Joy previously, so they are especially grateful that the Marshalls approached the theater and offered their services pro-bono.

The firm plans to advise and assist non-profits for children, health care, fine and performing arts, cultural organizations, endangered wildlife, human services and education as well as religious and environmental causes.

Larry Marshall founded Marshall Consultants in New York City, where the firm was based for more than 35 years and had offices also in Seattle and Los Angeles. According to his Web site it was the "first executive search and management consulting firm to specialize in Public Relations, Corporate and Marketing Communications."

Aside from their office in Ashland, they have an office in San Francisco and have represented over half of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as nonprofit organizations.

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