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Sheriff Michael Winters writes:

As the Sheriff of Jackson County, I am writing to alert your readers to a critical public safety issue affecting residents of Oregon &

the lack of high-quality wireless coverage in rural areas. I can testify that the lack of high-quality wireless coverage in rural areas is a critical public safety concern &

in Oregon and in states around the country.

Online response:

Thanks Sheriff Winters for alerting us rural folk about this! I live five miles outside of Ashland have to find the "right spot" in my house or outside to receive cell calls, and all the people on Mt. Ashland are out of luck too! It is a safety issue and I urge others to voice their concern.

Deb, Ashland

Online response to "Darkest day brings winter celebration"

Solstice has been my favorite day of the year for a long time now. Thanks for the beautifully written story. Here's to the return of the light!

Chamise, Talent

Online response to Tidings editorial "The list: great news for the city"

What do we do to improve Ashland? I drive into town from the north periodically, and then report what I see. I see the remnants of a town completely under the siege of development. There are fewer and fewer traces of the once special little Ashland still visible. If you hurry though, you can catch a glimpse before they are completely paved over and enshrouded in someone's financial project.


Online response to Case in Point: "Political theology"

The abortion issue hasn't been settled "within the bounds of our Constitution." The Supreme Court rulings on abortion have been without Constitutional basis.

Drew Hymer, Medford

Online responses to: "City has gun club on hold since 2004"

Notice the huge, and I mean really huge mansion being constructed on the hill directly above the gun club.

Guarantee you that the zillionaire that will live in this mansion for two weeks out of the year, will use his wealth and political influence to shut down the gun club because the noise will be disturbing to his rich ears.

Why are rich people so stupid to build a home near a rifle range, and selfish to then complain about noise? It's coming so expect the complaint!


I'm about as pinko, liberal anti-gun as you can get AND I live close to the gun club AND I think they should get the lease, get the funds to clean up and generally operate the place as they see fit. These delays certainly seem like passive opposition to the gun agenda / NRA crowd and that is unfair no matter how anti-gun you are. That's all and let's be reasonable, please.


A three YEAR delay by the City? Is this the City's idea of good governance? No time to process a lease, we're told, but plenty of time for dog ordinances and other topical trivia.

Steve Wesche,

Online responses to: "City Council gives high marks to trainer"

Mentally, healthy behavior simply is more effective. We should thank our public officials first for exposing their dysfunction and then having the courage to try some new behavior. Most importantly they should be thanked for doing all this in the open, subject to the hypercritical atmosphere of A-town. May the rest of us who run or work in our organizations in relative obscurity learn a valuable lesson here.

Dennis Black,

More whining about how they are all being held to account by anonymous internet bashers? I have to laugh. Former Mayor Cathy Shaw did a fine job in a recent forum here answering questions put to her and demonstrating that if you are an honest, trusted, open politician then no matter what anyone says here, you can successfully counter with the truth. Do the right thing and properly represent your constituents and you have nothing to fear here.

Attacked by the media. Are you serious?

Grow up.

Mulligan Matusuda, Internet Bashing, Oregon

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