Say you want a revolution

There is another tsunami traveling around the world and it is the change in living by our young people. Another star has risen in the Middle East and the Messiah could be a change in thinking by a new non-war youth that tolerates all religions.

This new peace by those who just want democracy and to decide for themselves cannot be stopped. Gadhafi is already defeated. The revolution will spread to China and even America as our youth decides not to follow our example of consumption, drugs, alcohol and denial of reality.

Everyone is experiencing too much life from our nightmare system of death and parent-child trauma and illness. The financial rug is still being pulled out from under the nation. And we are a people constantly lied to and hustled by every business scam greed can devise.

Only the Bravo Housewives, who represent American women around the world on TV, have escaped the financial meltdown. Then there is the definitively American ridiculous new cuisine of "molecular gourmet." You can get it for several hundred a plate while millions of children starve and Las Vegas fountains precious drinking water.

Ashland even has its own Dreyfuss case: the witch hunt against Pete Seda. Those who do not support civil liberties for Muslims are the new 20th century McCarthyite, and anti-Semitic 19th century French. The people against the rights of immigrants and Muslims are the ever-existing, ignorant, angry fanatics who always muck up liberty and justice for all.

We do a good thing sticking with our president while less rational liberals criticize. We do a good thing caring for our less fortunate locals with food banks and health centers. We try to work out something helpful for our homeless. We support the wonderful work of hospice and homes for battered women and teens.

But the Statue of Liberty stands naked in the reality that our tax dollars go to dictators and their torture militaries. Obama vindicates left and right with the military support of democracy for all — not just us. We can be proud to be Americans again even though the always-equivocating liberals are not sure how they feel.

Where has our unbiased news gone? We allow NPR and PBS funding to be cut off. BBC news is even lost to local cable in the evening, through no fault of our great local service. Not to worry, Glenn Beck considers having his own network. Trump and Limbaugh are happy to fill the gap.

But we can take hope. We had a black president a generation before anyone thought. Jew will marry Palestinian a generation before anyone imagines. This is a revolution for all the young everywhere. They will accept homosexuality for what it is, natural to life.

Our youth will not deny women's right to power over their bodies in the knowledge that life begins as it ends — with breath. They will honor religion along with common sense. And we will be the proud but still grumbling not-quite-sure, as the grandparents who blew it.

Leah EV Ireland lives in Ashland.

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