Some catastrophic fires are criminal acts

Some catastrophic fires

are criminal acts

The homeless man John Thiry did not intend catastrophic fire. He was careless and negligent, but not with criminal intent or evil.

That is not true of the arson fires, nearby on the Dead Indian Memorial Road, Sept. 4, 2008. The killer-arsonists who burned Dave Lewis are still free. They had full intent to light two cabins on fire. They intended to burn a body. They intended to destroy multiple homes and all contents within. They wrongfully and criminally ended Dave's life.

The Oak Knoll tragedy claimed no human lives. It rocked the community to the very foundation of its core. It brought the grieving together and showed human compassion. Dave Lewis and Troy Carney will not take one more breath on this earth. Thiry will. He obviously needs mental health help and consideration, not condemnation.

The homeless need places to sleep, eat and get help. Just as the victims of the fires did, for a time. This Christmas season let us keep our priorities in perspective and give thanks the Oak Knoll fires were not fatal.

Linda Lewis


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