SOU students hit with tuition hike

Southern Oregon University students enrolled in 15 credit hours were hit with a 9.3 percent tuition hike Friday that was approved by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.

SOU reported the second-highest tuition increase of all the major state universities for full-time students. The sharpest increase was Portland State University, which saw a 10-percent jump in tuition.

When figuring in all SOU students, no matter how many credit hours they are enrolled, the across-the-board increase was 5.4 percent.

The increase would have been larger for the state's universities, but Gov. Ted Kulongoski announced Friday his intention to veto a last-minute $11.5-million cut to higher education proposed by the Legislature.

The 9.3-percent hike includes tuition and fees for SOU's full-time students. The cost of attending the university per year for a student enrolled in 15 credit hours is now $6,252.

— Staff report

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