Jim Headley will be the first to tell you, laundromats don't create buzz.

On the other hand, folks with dirty laundry appreciate working washers and dryers and clean surroundings.

When Headley took over the aging Suds-Ur-Duds Laundromat in Tolman Creek Plaza last month, he went to work overhauling both the machines and premises to revive the laundromat's dismal looks.

"I had to fix every system in there," Headley said. "As an entrepreneur I saw the opportunity to fix up the place, remodel and fix up the machines — especially the change machine."

Headley and his family moved from Denver, where he formerly ran the Green Energy Store, in July. The move was prompted by the desire to get closer to family, not employment opportunities.

"I've done waiting tables and real estate," Headley said. "I was not anxious to move into either of those fields. I looked around at surrounding areas and being a self-employed entrepreneur sounded the best to me."

Headley saw an online add for the laundromat next to a U.S. Cellular shop across the Tolman Creek Plaza from Rite Aid and closed a deal to purchase the property from out-of-the-area owners.

He spent the majority of his waking hours refurbishing the 20 washers and 20 dryers during the early going.

"Pretty much the majority of them needed fixing," he said. "But no machine needed to be absolutely replaced."

The goal was to get Suite 203 at 2345 Ashland St. inviting enough to lure customers, who had drifted away, back inside.

"I wanted them to feel like they were at a friend's basement," he said. "Clean and relaxed."

The laundromat operates from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Greg Stiles is a reporter for the Mail Tribune. Reach him at 541-776-4463 or email

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