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Photos and story by Thom LarkinAbove: Lara Hughes, of Hawaii, looks at the view of the valley from the top of Looking Glass Trail Monday afternoon. Below: The White Rabbit Trail has great views of Ashland and the valley. Bottom: A western fence lizard soaks up some sun near the top of White Rabbit Monday afternoon.

The Rogue Valley's Hike of the Week

White Rabbit

How to Get There:

Driving south on Siskiyou Boulevard, turn right onto Park Street. If you want a longer hike, park at the bottom of the hill and walk up, or drive to the top of the hill and park on the side of the street.


The hike begins on the dirt path to the left at the top of Park Street. Do not follow the cement paths on the right. This will lead to private property. After a nice stroll through grassy trails and blooming flowers with great views of the valley, you will come to a crossroads of trails.

For this hike, follow the signs for White Rabbit. In later weeks I will explore the other trails at the top of Park Street (Oredson Todd Woods.)

After taking a right onto the White Rabbit Trail, follow the uphill trail for some beautiful forest views of Ashland. After a little while there will be a fork in the trail, where you can go left to the White Rabbit 2060 Trail, which will eventually connect with Ashland Loop Road. To the right, continue the uphill climb a quarter of a mile through manzanitas groves on the Cheshire Cat Trail .

After following White Rabbit upward, there will be a fork where you can take the Looking Glass Trail to get amazing views looking southeast toward Emigrant Lake, or continue your journey up to the top.

Beware of poison oak, ticks, snakes, cougars and black bears.

Allowed activities:

Hiking &

On trails. Dogs are allowed but must be on leashes at all times.

Mountain biking &

On approved trails, as long as its non-motorized.

Horseback riding &

On approved trails.


Hunting &

Only during the season with valid license.

Christmas tree cutting &

Only with a valid permit

Prohibited Activities:

No overnight camping


Motorized vehicles &

ATVS, 4x4s, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and autos

Blocking gates &

Forest Services use these roads in case of emergency

Biking off the trails

Fireworks and explosives

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