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Photos and story by Thom LarkinBelow: Due to recent rain, the trails at Grizzly Peak are very muddy and slippery. Bottom: Trillium flowers are found all around the trails on Grizzly Peak.

The Rogue Valley's Hike of the Week

Grizzly Peak

How to get there:

Travel south from Ashland on Highway 66 and turn left onto Dead Indian Memorial Road. Follow this road 6.6 miles to the junction with Shale City Road (BLM Road 38-2e-27). Follow this road 2.2 miles until the junction with BLM Road 38-2e-9.2 &

there will be a sign that says "trail" on the left side of the road. Turn left there and continue 3/4 of a mile to a three-way junction and continue straight uphill. After 0.9 miles, there will be a parking area to the left.

Be careful of muddy roads when driving on these BLM roads; they can get slippery and often there is fallen debris that can damage your tires.

Brief info:

I went on this hike on the afternoon of May 27 and it was beautiful. The weather was cloudy, cool and a little damp, so I would recommend trailgoers bring a waterproof jacket, hat and shoes that can handle a lot of mud. There is also still a little snow along the trails that has yet to melt.

The trails are beautiful. Huge luscious trees, open fields and great views of Mt. Shasta, Black Butte, Mt. Ashland and the Siskiyou Pass, when the weather permits.

This is a local favorite spot due to lack of poison oak, ticks and snakes. The BLM advises that the fire danger is very high during the summer, so please do not build fires or smoke on Grizzly.

The Grizzly Peak Trail was envisioned by retired Bureau of Land Management trail planner John Ifft. The trails are maintained by those who work with the BLM and its volunteers.

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