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Ashland Loop Trails

How to get there:

To get to Ashland Loop Road, drive up from Lithia Park on Winburn Way past the swimming area and take a left around the reservoir. The road will connect with Ashland Loop Road above Lithia Park. Take this road to the right and continue up. Be aware of mountain bikers and runners on trails who cut across the street. There will be a few parking areas on the side of the road from which you can access the BTI Trail and Alice in Wonderland Trails.

Brief info:

There are a handful of different trails at the top of Ashland Loop Road. If you park at the White Rabbit Trailhead, you can choose from the White Rabbit Trial that leads to Park Street (which was the May 5 Hike of the Week). Or you can continue up hill to the Queen of Hearts Trail, which will connect to the Mad Hatter Trail. There is also Caterpillar Trail, which leads to Lambs Saddle at an elevation of 3,470 feet that branches off and connects to the Lamb Mine Trail, Toothpick Trail and Catwalk Trail in the hills above Ashland.

When hiking these trails, be aware of mountain bikers coming down. They can get going very quickly, leaving very little time for trailgoers to react and get out of their way. Dogs must remain leashed while on the trails and pick up after them. Also, there is an abundance of poison oak along these trails, so do not stray from the trails.

These trails are great for trail runners, too. There is a wide range in difficulty with these trails, from a steep hill climb to a nice level and be sure to bring some water for those afternoon hikes.

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