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Emigrant Lake &


by Thom Larkin

How to get there:

Drive out six miles southeast of Ashland to 5505, Highway 66. There will be a sign for the Emigrant Lake turnoff. Follow it and take a left to the main recreation area. There will be a $4 day use fee when entering the park. Continue along this road all the way to RV park at the end of the road. There will be a turnaround and a small area to park. Look for a trail leading away from the RV area along the water to find this week's trail.

Brief info:

This is an easy hike with a beautiful view of the valley and Emigrant Lake. But your destination will be the cliffs overlooking a little cove. To get there, follow the trail up to the left when faced with the choice. Be aware of poison oak along these trails; out of all of my hikes this far, this area has had the most I have seen in such a small area. Eventually, the trail will lead you to the cliffside. If you bring climbing gear, you can strap into the loops that other climbers have placed already, or proceed to the left and climb your way up the old-fashioned way. There is an area of rock where one can pull themself up a 6-foot sprawl to get to the upper trails overlooking the lake. Watch out for bird droppings in this area &

there is a lot of it.


Please be safe and responsible when climbing these rocks. There is a chance of injury if the climber slips and falls on the rocks, and it could be a long tumble down.

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