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by Thom Larkin

How to get there:

From Siskiyou Boulevard, turn up Tolman Creek Road. Continue up the hill for 3.7 miles. Be aware of vehicles coming down the hill; there are a few sections of the road where it is hard to see oncoming traffic. There will be a small pulloff on the right-hand side of the road &

park and walk to the left to the trailhead.

About this hike:

The beginning of this hike is a mild incline into the woods. It quickly evens out and is a beautiful hike. Due to the forest cover, this hike can be done at any time of the day and hikers won't overheat. Eventually there will be a flat area with a few benches and an awesome view of Mt. McLoughlin. After taking in the views, continue along the trail, where Toothpick hits a crossroads with 2060.

From here, hikers have a few different options. There are maps to help you plan the rest of your hike. But there are the options: take Lamb Mine Trail, which goes past a very old mine then to the backside of Ashland; or connect with Caterpillar and come out toward Ashland Loop Road and White Rabbit.

There are lots of birds to be seen while hiking these trails, as well as a bunch of little lizards, tasty berries and beautiful flowers. Please keep dogs on leashes and clean up after them. Also, keep an eye out for mountain bikers coming down the mountain; they can get a lot of speed and leave hikers with little reaction time.

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