Take a moment for storm cleanup

Big storms are fun if you are not stuck out in them. But this past week has gone beyond a "big storm." It was more like a memorable storm, or perhaps a powerful storm, and certainly not what anyone would perceive as a fun storm.

Thankfully, the related problems have been relatively few. City officials handled the local power outage on Friday morning quickly, especially in light of what our friends and family to the south are going through right now. We can be grateful.

Here at the Tidings we nearly moved the entire crew over to Medford to finish Friday's edition, but the power came back on in the nick of time and we even made deadline.

For those that remember the storm that just a few years ago trapped people on the Siskiyou Pass overnight and left many travelers sleeping on local church floors, we can again be grateful. And as the sun peeked out today &

a brief respite before the next onslaught of wind and snow &

we could enjoy the incredible beauty of our surrounding snow-capped mountains.

But these storms are messy devils. It is easy to forget just how much trash the winds blow from hidden places into the public view. Most streets around town are decidedly more littered than anytime other than the annual July 5 cleanup. Christmas trees have been seen rolling here and there around town.

If left to our city workers &

those hard-working folks who have already been toiling long hours cleaning up after the storm or lugging off our holiday trash &

it will take longer and add to their burden. Instead, city residents can collectively clean up our own mess. A 10-minute walk around the neighborhood by many good Samaritians with a trash bag could have the city sparkling new in no time.

For those really dedicated souls among us, don't forget those pesky storm drains. They are most likely clogged with leaves and debris, making flooded streets far more common when the next storm hits.

When these big old storms pound away, we can endure them better if we do our part as a community to clean up in their wake. It's a nice way to remember that we do indeed have much to be grateful for.

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