Test your wine skills

Just when you thought it was safe ... After receiving an overwhelming response to last week's column (well, five folks), I decided to spring a second part to my quarterly wine exam:

1. If your great aunt left you a case of Chateau La Salle, you would:

a. Store the wine away for another 10 years

b. Remember her every birthday with a dozen roses

c. Name your daughter after her

d. Groan, then fill a glass of the stuff with ice cubes and Mike's Ice

2. If someone gave you a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, it would be:

a. A red wine from the Rhone Valley with one major grape variety

b. A well-known wine of the Rhone Valley with many grape varieties as a blend

c. From northern Burgundy

d. Actually made as an American wine in the early part of the 18th century

3. Who is Regis Bouvier?

a. The brother of Jacques Bouvier; both became legends in French winemaking

b. A cousin of Jacqueline Bouvier, who was a famous violinist and winemaker from Bordeaux

c. A superb Burgundy producer

d. A Belgian waffle maker who first used wine (pinot gris) in dessert waffles for Louis XIV in Alpe d' Citroen

4. Which of the following red wines are associated with the term "peppery?"

a. Syrah, petite sirah, grenache

b. Gamay, dolcetto, grignolino

c. Chardonnay, petit verdot, niagara

5. Who is famous for using the term "bacon fat" in the taste and aroma of red wine?

a. Baron Rothschild

b. Gavin Gracey

c. Porcus Porcine

d. Oscar Meyer

6. All port wine is red

a. False

b. True

c. There are rosé ports made in America as well

7. Which of the following groupings are considered eminent Southern Oregon wine personalities?

a. Ron Stringfield, Gavin Gracey, Ned Armstrong at RoxyAnn

b. Joe Spagnolo, Jon Barbo, Misty Santos

c. All of the above

d. None of the above

8. Which white wine has a bit of a sparkle?

a. Vinho verde

b. Pink chardonnay

c. White zinfandel

d. Calabra

9. There are no white wines produced in Bordeaux

a. True

b. False

c. Only dry white wines

10. When we speak of tannins, we are speaking of, for the most part:

a. Any very crisp white wine with tropical fruit

b. Lighter red wines which are very astringent

c. Heavy red wines with some oak and press juice

11. Who was Thomas Jefferson's European wine mentor?

a. Sr. Mazzei

b. John Adams

c. Samuel Adams

d. Vince Mazzei

12. When we think of riesling we think of:

a. Sweeter and many times sparkling white wines with tropical flavors from the Mosel River

b. Sweeter red or white wines

c. Very dry, crisp white wines

d. Sweeter white wines

13. Can you name where Morellino di Scansano comes from?

a. Mistina Santosina

b. Tuscany

c. Biasotti, Piemonte

d. Arnaldo Tomaso, Liguria

e. Barbino, Giovanni

Answers: 1. d; 2. b; 3. c; 4. a; 5. b; 6. a; 7. c; 8. a; 9. b; 10. c; 11. a; 12. d; 13. b

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