The bests of '07 for AHS

In light of the fact that the "Bests" and "Most likely to&


166;"s of the senior class were voted on this week and will be announced tomorrow, it seems appropriate to conduct another form of "Bests" and end of the year reflection. There are so many things to be remembered about the last school year, so here is an attempt to immortalize them.

Ashland High School 06'-07', the best, the worst, and the should have been.

The Best Unaired Video at the Mr. Grizzly Pageant &

"Ghost Riding The Whip": At the annual Mr. Grizzly pageant and Children's Miracle Network fundraiser, junior contestant Gabe's video was deemed inappropriate for viewing, and was cut from the program. That didn't keep the entire student body from viewing the video on YouTube however, and let's be honest; it was a little inappropriate. Funny, but inappropriate. See the video yourself.

The Unofficial School Song &

"Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley: Each year school kicks off with Freshstart, an overnight retreat off of Dead Indian Memorial Road where incoming freshman bond with each other and their upperclassman counselors. The event also hosts a talent show that is infamous for surprise performances and unlikely musical sensations. This year, one of these surprises was junior Dane performing the hit song of the summer, "Crazy," accompanied by Adam Balcom on the bongo drums. Dane sounded amazing as he proved that he could sing higher than most girls.

Lamest Writing on a Bathroom Stall &

The Bomb Threat for May 7: Come on kids! Bomb threats? Honestly? Considering the devastating recent events at Virginia Tech and the constant suicide bombings in Iraq, this is a sick joke to "coincidentally" play on the day of Advanced Placement tests. Just STUDY, and don't make light of a terrifying threat to hundreds of innocent students.

Best Senior Prank that No One Witnessed &

Naughty Santa Covered in Snow: Few students saw the actual sight, but everyone heard about the blow up Santa Claus left on the quad with an, ahem, large you-know-what and a sign that read "You've been naughty." What everyone did see however was the salt "snow" that covered the pavement for days. Hmm, senior pranks just aren't what they used to be, (which is probably a good thing).

Best State Championship Win &

None: Oh come on, there is no winner of this category. All of the State Champions deserve huge props for their successes this year. Girls Cross Country, Speech and Debate Team, Thespians and more! Also worth mentioning is the success of the AHS chorale, who placed second at the State Choir Championships. Bravo to Russ Otte for ending his last year at AHS with a bang (or a C major chord, whichever you prefer).

Best Queen of Fruit &

Victoria Mayfield: To those who know her, the victory of Pear Blossom Queen Victoria Mayfield at the annual Pear Blossom Scholarship Pageant was no surprise, but the win marked a huge occasion for Ashland High School. Long live the queen!

Best Ploy for Winning Homecoming King that Didn't Work &

Nick Debruno in Spandex: This senior tried to gain the minority votes on Election Day by sprinting across the quad screaming in a blue, spandex body suit and wearing a sign reading "Vote Nick!" Unfortunately it didn't gain him enough votes to win, but the event will be somewhat remembered.

As you can imagine, there are many more memorable moments to reflect on from the past year and they will live on forever in the hearts of the Class of 2007.

High school has been such a kick; hopefully everything is uphill from here.

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