The Kingdom of Heaven is within our earth heart

Hello Ashlanders! I miss you! I am in Ojai right now, working on a project, but I'll be back soon enough.

I just started reading, "Living in the Heart," by Drunvalo Melchizdek. It is amazing! I recommend it to anyone who wants to truly be happy and create a better world now.

I am cleansing and purifying my entire being so that I may fulfill my highest potential. I know this reality is an illusion, albeit a very convincing one. So many folks do not realize their God-given powers and unknowingly pervert their power into powerlessness by believing they are less than they really are, therefore creating a confused reality. In truth, we are so much more than most of us realize.

If you haven't seen me, I am known for riding my bicycle and in-line skating around town totally naked in the name of God. I am being converted as a little child and I am entering the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven has always been here, within the sacred space of the heart — our earth heart.

Mother Earth is your heart, and how you treat her is how you treat yourself — all seeds that you plant shall bear fruit in your life.

Do you have faith in love and light or hate and fright? What reality are you creating? The more responsibility one takes for her existence, questioning everything and respecting all life, the more we create heaven on earth.

"God" is beyond any book. But there are great truths in many books, like the Holy Bible. Even according to the Holy Bible, King James' version, my natural nudity is ordained by God. Before the fall, Adam and Eve were innocent, naked and free. After the fall, they became ashamed of their naked bodies and hid from God. They became clothed sinners.

The truth is so simple that jaded adults just don't get it. "You must be converted as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." We all know that it's hard to keep clothes on little children when the weather allows. Why? Because they are innocent, naked and free, just like Adam and Eve used to be!

Many adults adulterate their children by teaching them fear-based body shame and hypocritical judgment. Not me. I am innocently living God's naked truth. Hallelujah! I fear nothing and no one. I am a child of light and I am on my way back home. May you all join me now. You are all perfect just the way you are. It is the belief in imperfection that creates an imperfect reality.

"Faith as tiny as a grain of mustard seed holds the Kingdom of Heaven." What does this really mean? Well, you must have faith to see, and only the naked truth shall set you free.

May everyone have a blessed holiday season by giving earth-friendly gifts from the heart.

Gennifer Moss moved to Ashland in May and caused a public outcry when she said she intended to participate in the Fourth of July parade wearing only a G-string.

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