The naked truth shall set you free

The naked truth shall set you free

Hello, Ashlanders! Boy, do I have a surprise for you!

So, you've chosen to go more Nazi with an unconstitutional ban on nudity. Poor, enslaved, fear-driven sheeple. Nudity's not porn, it's how we're born. If nudity in itself is "dirty," then you are all born dirty. Are you all born porn stars? Because I do not know a single soul that comes out wearing Levi's and a T-shirt.

What a sick and twisted way the majority (sheeple) choose to relate to their bodies. Being sexually explicit in public is not healthy for children. But there is nothing wrong with natural nudity. "Children of the Sun" is an excellent book on nudity and wellness. Dr. Lee Salk says, "Being natural and matter of fact about nudity prevents your children from developing an attitude of shame or disgust about the human body." What's really sad is that it's usually so-called "Christians" and other religious folks that have the biggest problem. Hypocrites! What happened to, "Do not judge?" God made us naked, in his/her likeness. God is naked — the naked truth — and only the truth shall set you free! But adulterated adults have lost their innocence and cannot see the naked truth for what it is.

Well, you all cannot stop me and I hope to start a revolution!

I have developed a "naked suit." It consists of plastic, nipple-like covers that look like real nipples from a close distance and a g-string with hair in the front. It looks like pubic hair, but it's not. Looks can be deceiving. "Seeing is believing," but I'll still be "legally" covered (the law is illegal). I plan to make my debut soon in Ojai, Calif., and then once it warms up, I'll go throughout Ashland and the world! (Except for really ignorant/violent places.) Even in front of the elementary schools. The children need good role models and, by golly, I'm one of 'em! Fact is, many adults are totally brainwashed and just don't get it.

Also, I am starting my own omniversal, official religion/nonprofit and I'll be protected by the first amendment to be totally naked in public throughout the nation (does not mean I'll do it though because America is already unconstitutional). My religion is based on love and light and returning to original innocence and the Garden of Eden. Even according to the Holy Bible, we were naked and innocent in the Garden of Eden. Returning to Eden is my religion, therefore, we have the right to be naked! You clothed sinners! LOL.

I am saving up money to buy a mini diesel school bus and convert it to veggie oil and share the naked truth with the world. White House, here I come! I am graciously accepting donations. If you want to support the cause, please check out Earth Friend Gen on Facebook. I'm working on my Web site: Thank you so very much for fueling my eternal flame!


Reverend Moss — Earth Friend Gen

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