The smorgasbord of inner peace

The Inner Peace column started in January of 2009. Appreciation is due to the Ashland Daily Tidings publisher, editor, editorial board and staff for providing this column to nurture the many ideas, paths and studies that can and do bring inner peace to our lives. And gratitude to the 2009 contributors listed below for sharing their personal experiences, paths, the ways and means to inner peace in their lives.

What is inner peace? How and when do we experience it? Where does one start? And what works? There are many definitions of inner peace and also thousands of ways of achieving it, all of them valid.

No one way or path is better than another. The way that works is best. Finding that "way" is sometimes a challenge. The inner peace column is a "judgment free zone" because what works for one may not be workable for another and that is OK. In judging, we mentally exclude others and ourselves, resulting in loneliness and separation. An open mind is a free mind. Free to learn and understand.

In this column, all paths are equally valued and we learn from one another — know ourselves better and not only explore but share our potential. It is through dialog that we build community. No one is excluded when we give and share our lives. We may never know who has been helped or in what way, but we do know that, when we give, we also receive and when we teach we also learn.

Thank you 2009 Inner Peace contributors listed below alphabetically and article title. Thank you all:

Shirley Bell — "Angel Mama"

Rod Birney — "Stilling the Mind for Inner Peace"

Don Chapin — "Awakening to Inner Peace," "Global Service" and "Peak Experiences"

Avram Chetron — "Attention"

Corb Clemens — "Parenting"

Charu Colorado — "The Vision"

Heidi Dalva-Monjure — "A Reflection"

Marla Estes — "Each Road Unique," "Aloneness and Inner Peace" and "Dark Night of the Soul"

Bonnie Greenwell — "Discovering Inner Peace"

Jim Hawes — "Keeping Joy Alive," "Magnificent Strolling" and "Five Words to Live By"

Ed Hirsch — "Five Fold Practice of Inner Peace"

Shanza Jai — "Words for Inner Peace" and "Crystaline Clearings"

Brent Jarrett — "Inner Noise"

Catherine Larkin — "Finding Peace Within You"

Mike Lemieux — "Healing the Subconscious Mind"

Carl Marsak — "Inner Peace and the Transformation of Character"

Sally McKirgan — "Give Yourself the Gift of Inner Peace," "Don't Blame God" and "Your True Identity"

Talia Miller — "Finding Inner Peace After Cancer" and

"Holiday Gift"

Gianna Mioni — "Let It Go"

Valerie Muroki — "Inner Peace the Goal, Love the Pathway"

Shelle Rae — "Are We There Yet?"

Bruce Rawles — "The Laws of Cause & Effect"

Dorre Ray — "Selfhood: A State of Wholeness"

Angelica Rose — "The Path"

Nita Rosene — "Overcoming the Ego to Gain Inner Peace"

Holiana Sapinsley — "Learning Inner Peace"

Moshe Ross — "A Spiritual Life," "Inner Center," "Sing Praise," "Listen to the Song" and "Relationship of Oneness"

Joseph Talboon — "A Living Teacher"

David Teegarden — "Redemption"

Marlene Walmsley — "Sacred Activism"

Allan Weisbard — "Optimism"

Gaea Yudron — "What do Nihilism & Hedonism Have To Do With Inner Peace?"

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with our community. Have a peaceful 2010.

To view the above articles, go to and search for the author's name or title of the article. Send your 650-article about your path to inner peace to Sally McKirgan at

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