Tidings lacks sense of humor

Tidings lacks sense of humor

Perhaps the Ashland Daily Tidings does not have a sense of humor, but I am willing to bet that the people of Ashland do. Yes, I issued a press release in pirate-speak on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yes, the press release referred to me as Steve "Left Hook" Novick, in honor of my prosthetic left arm. But why, exactly, does that disqualify me from consideration as a Senator? Some people are uncomfortable with people with physical disabilities. I figure that if I joke about mine, people will realize that I'm comfortable with it, and it will make them feel comfortable, too. What's so wrong with that?

If the people of Ashland want to know where I stand on the issues, they can look at my Web site, novickforsenate.com, and scan the "on the issues" section. (By contrast, as of this writing, Representative Jeff Merkley's campaign web site has no 'issues' section at all.) If you want a Senator who will fight for working people, for health care for all, against global warming, for responsible Federal budget policies, and who has at least some sense of humor, I'm your man. If you want a stuffed shirt as a Senator, I suppose you can always write in: "Ashland Daily Tidings Editorial Board."

Steve Novick

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate

Green Show is good as it is

As longtime Oregon Shakespeare Festival members and volunteers, we know the important contribution the free OSF Green Show provides thousands of theatergoers each summer. It concerns us that OSF's new Artistic Director, Bill Rauch, will not rehire the veteran Green Show musicians in 2008.

Some of these talented performers, including members of the acclaimed Terra Nova Consort, have performed at Green Shows for nearly 25 years. These classically trained artists present the Festival's musical face to the public.

It is wishful thinking by Mr. Rauch to plan summer-long Green Shows by inviting diverse groups of musicians, including perhaps some of the current musicians (if they are available), as well as groups of amateurs with varying levels of talent and skills to try to equal the high level of OSF's long-running Green Shows. Mr. Rauch's idea lacks the continuity and rich themes offered over the years.

We believe Mr. Rauch made a serious error in judgment which should be reversed ASAP. We urge him to employ the current Green Show musicians in 2008 and in the years that follow. It ain't broke, Mr. Rauch, so don't fix it.

Chuck and Sarah Walker

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