Time for yet another wine quiz

Well, it's about time for another quiz on vino! It has been a while, but if you have been reading The Wine Whisperer, you will do just fine! Here we go.

1. Sauvignon Blanc can sometimes have the "off" smell of what animal?

a. A red breasted robin

b. An elephant

c. Deer from the Ashland watershed

d. Cat pee

2. If one were to say a wine was "dumb," what would this mean?

a. Made by a less-than-smart winemaker

b. Made in an "off" year.

c. Way overpriced

d. A wine that was "not together yet"

3. What emerging wine region is getting rave reviews for Cabernet?

a. White City, Oregon, just beyond the Dom

b. Las Vegas

c. A little patch of land inside of the city of San Jose, California

d. Walla Walla, Washington

4. Who is the great wine expert at the Oregon Shakespeare Company?

a. Principe U. Jon Toppo.

b. Robert Frank (IL Gran Signore)

c. Dan "The Tipster," choir master-organist in "Our Town"

d. Christopher Duval

5. If you were to blend a white wine with a red wine you would be:

a. Making a ros&


169; wine

b. Creating a "Burma tea

c. Having a dry wine with hints of berry in the nose

d. Being very desperate

6. Who used to pick up cases of dry ros&


169; wine in his car, remove the back seat, fill the space with ice and the ros&


169; then drive to Spain?

a. Principe U. Jon Toppo.

b. Robert Frank (IL Gran Signore)

c. Christopher Duval

d. Ernest Hemingway

7. Traditional French medicine prescribed Champagne for:

a. Colds

b. Problems in love and relationships

c. The Gout

d. Fevers

8. Burgundy estates are called:

a. Chateaux

b. Encloseur

c. Duvalists

d. Houses

9. If a wine were from Tuscany which grape might it be?

a. Nebbiolo

b. Toppolino secco

c. Maggiorina

d. Sangiovese

10. Portuguese Port estates are called:

a. Pimentels

b. Talignas

c. Cataligagna

d. Houses

11. If I were to sell you a Rhone wine (red) what grape would likely be in the wine?

a. Dolcetto

b. Partita

c. Gran Sasso

d. Syrah

12. What wine would do well with Mexican food?

a. Syrah

b. Cabernet

c. Chardonnay

d. Dry Gewerztraminer

13. What is a vineyard professional called?

a. A vineologist

b. A terriorist

c. A vineman

d. A viticulturist

14. All red wine will age well:

a. All of the time

b. Only French wines

c. Only when turning the bottles from time to time

d. Not all red wine ages well

If you chose the letter "d" for all answers, you received an "A." See you next week!

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