Trivia Night

I'm not really very good at sharing. I'm much better at hoarding — and being selfish. Even though I have siblings, in another dimension I'm sure I was really meant to be one of those stereotypical only children.

But even I have the occasional urge to try and be a better person, and since I'm having one of those rare, fleeting moments right now, I'm going to share with you my favorite Ashland activity.

Trivia Night at Louie's on the Ashland Plaza has quickly turned Tuesdays into my favorite night of the week. It's hard to believe I actually have an evening activity which can tempt me away from a "Real Housewives of Atlanta" marathon on cable. For a while, I thought the Real Housewives franchise was the holy grail of entertainment and happiness. But, truth is, I've found something more satisfying.

When I know that the animal with the highest blood pressure is a giraffe, or that more people are born in the month of September than any other month, it fills me with joy. While those television housewives may provide me with a certain level of companionship and entertainment, Trivia Night actually provides human company and the kind of joy I can get only from competitive events.

Thanks to Trivia Night, I can finally be successful in a bar. I may not be good at flirting, drinking or dancing, but thanks to a life-long love of "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader" I have a fighting chance at these events with my knowledge of random facts.

Despite being hosted at a restaurant and bar, Trivia Night is not a loud, drunken event. People lean forward around tables, debating answers under their breath and sipping beers. I like to snack on fried foods myself, and careen out of Louie's afterward with the fat and carbohydrates going straight to my head and giving an unnatural euphoria and triglyceride-induced blurred vision.

As much as I love Trivia Night, so do many other people. I have to get there early if I want to sit at a table with my friends. This is why I was reluctant to share with more people the joy I get from Trivia Night, and why I was averse to telling people why it's my new favorite Ashland activity. I like the competitiveness of the event itself, not having to compete for a table and chairs beforehand. But in the spirit of trying to be selfless and work on a little self-improvement, I'll try to tell myself that if Trivia Night helps even one person, maybe this column is worth it. After all, there's probably someone else out there who, like me, needs to be rescued occasionally from reality television.

This week at Louie's the Trivia Night is themed in honor of International Women's Day. At first this made me a little nervous. After all, historical women figures isn't one of my best categories. Then I remembered something, those Real Housewives are women! Hopefully there's a few questions about them, since I know everything there is to know about that franchise. Except for those episodes I've missed to attend Trivia Night "…

Louie's hosts a variety of other special events. Mondays are bingo, Tuesdays are trivia, and spelling bees on Wednesdays. I've never attended any of those other nights, but maybe you should start out with those, you know, just to see if you like it, get your feet wet, and save the chairs for me on Tuesdays!

Zoe Abel wrote most of this column thumb by thumb on her phone, remember that! It may one day be a trivia question. You can contact her at

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