Un-silent night

In a time of a thrifty, simpler holiday, we have the opportunity to make the season more real. Do we really have to hear all the loud junky Christmas music? It mocks the truth that we face the extinction of the natural world, have no health care, and are in still at war and our children are dying.

Do we really have to hear "Jingle Bell Hop" a hundred more times to make it through to Dec. 26? Aren't there good Christian' who get offended by loud tinsel music in the name of their God? Live music unites all religions and sends the message of tolerance and that the Holy Spirit is offered free to everyone.

Junk music pervades a bank downtown. It drives the employees and customers mad. Such enforced music is the constant reminder that we, our lives, are slaves to phony commerce and "caring," in the belief that humanity was born to consume.

But there is one way you can put warmth in your holidays, life rituals, festivities and places of business. Live music affects every heart and sets a tone that embraces everyone of every age. It makes any atmosphere the best kind of place in a time of remembering what kindness, sharing and love are really about.

We don't need phony canned music reminders that we are still all too human, fallible and haven't quite mastered the art of the human condition and a happy life. We need the magic only one instrument can bring to a room, signifying a happy, hallowed time of the rebirth of hope for us all.

Could we show our children that live music is deeply human, that it can be soft, quiet and more powerful than anything?

Music is the language of everything. It is man's most complex and highest accomplishment. It surpasses words and visual art, as it goes directly into the soul, offering warmth and an invaluable unspoken wisdom of the gift of just being alive

With all our abundance of brilliant musicians in town, we waste our most natural resource. Why not make December "Hire a Musician Month?" Why not allow them to sell CDs in public places and break the tradition of denying musicians a chance to make a living? They can beg with their instruments in public but not sell their music? That's not Christian charity.

Live music is the ultimate ritual that allows time to stop within us, whether we are alone or in a crowd. Music eases regret, loneliness and our imperfections. Live music makes a club or restaurant special, tasteful, classy. Music changes the atmosphere of a gathering from forced to relaxed.

Live music makes a gathering or party infinitely more human and memorable. Live music is the first rule of good entertaining.

For information about which local musicians are available to play for an event or private party perfect for your needs and taste, call this nonprofit, non-business number for all the right music for you: Hire a Musician at 488-5360.

Leah Ireland is a freelance writer who runs a local caregiving service. Reach her at leahireland@aol.com.

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