Use bow hunting to control city's deer

For the past six to 10 years, several cities in Iowa have encountered the same overrunning deer problem as has Ashland. As a solution, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and others have sponsored bow hunts where currently up to 128 proficiency proven hunters have successfully reduced deer populations to non-nuisance levels.

Hunters use stationary tree stands to assure downward shooting for safety. Local and state agencies oversee the hunts and the meat is consumed by the hunters or given to food banks.

Some Ashlanders have been under the delusion that the deer are "cute," add charm to the city or are even "pets." The facts are that they are destructive of yards and gardens, pose a threat of attack on humans and pets and cause traffic accidents.

Ashland should implement a bow hunting program similar to those proven successful in Iowa.

Don Stone

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