Visitors: The people of Ashland are amazing

On Sept. 9 our friends, my husband and myself landed at the Medford airport after a long trip from our home in Chicago.

We got our bags, loaded them all into the back of our rental SUV and took off for the B&B where we were to stay in Ashland.

When we arrived at our destination and started to unload the car, we realized that two very necessary bags had fallen out of the car (the back had not latched properly) somewhere between the Medford Airport and Anne Hathaway Cottages.

The men retraced our driving route from the airport several times and also reported our dilemma to the police. The bags could not be located.

The next morning my husband and I went to Ashland Drug where they were able to help me replace my lost medications for the days we would be in Ashland. They were amazing!
The four of us went to plays Friday afternoon and during intermission a wonderful festival employee found where we were sitting and where our friends were sitting to tell us that our bags had been located and were at the festival lost and found!

All we can say is that the people of Ashland are amazing! We appreciate all the help you gave us to locate our lost luggage and your warm hospitality. Thank you all!

Janet and David Midgley
and Rona and Ralph Brown
Chicago, Ill.

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