Voters, not Congress, choose the president

Point-Counterpoint: By Andrew Scot Bolsinger

President Bush's approval ratings have dropped so low that rumblings of impeachment have finally formed into a clear spoken word.

Political opponents have talked of impeaching him since the very earliest days in office. Less than an hour after the president hosted a T-ball game on the White House lawn (his last original idea), opponents have clamored to oust him.

Why? Who needs a reason why? Modern politicos have discovered one more way around the will of the voters. Lose the election, start a flurry of character attacks, allegations and troweling for scandal in the hopes of tossing the rightful winner from office.

It ain't over till it's over, which these days is never.

Bitter Republicans almost pulled it off with Bill Clinton, who by all rights will be remembered in history for his many accomplishments. Clinton proved to be an adept lawmaker and statesman respected by world leaders. Still his opponents tried to sack him because he didn't want to admit he had cheated on his wife.

Next, Californians took the idea and proved its efficacy, tossing out the ineffective Gray Davis before his rightful term expired. Davis was not a crook, a cheat or a scandal; just unpopular and ineffective and he was recalled.

Now comes Bush, who somehow managed to win an election in 2004 despite most voters knowing we would be exactly where we are today: stuck in the middle of Iraq's civil war, suffering from broken diplomatic ties across the world and living in an economy reeling from the burden of paying to rebuild someone else's country.

History will remember Bush as a failed president. His promises &

the great uniter of 2000, the compassionate conservative of 2001 or the "mission accomplished" commander-in-chief of 2003 &

are punchlines. His administration is in shambles.

But, we voted him in to office. He won four years. Impeachment is a rare constitutional check and balance to our power structure that has only been used twice before. Voters, not Congress, should decide who our president is. Voters decided to stick with Bush through 2008. Here's to 2009.

Andrew Scot Bolsinger is the editor of the Ashland Daily Tidings. He can be reached at

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