Waging peace

Ashland's various peace programs are contaminated by some who omit information, block analysis and infect others with their bias, which is often misandrist and breeds ignorance. These people should never be allowed any sort of leadership until they resolve the core problem of their own internal anger.

This wrong-headedness led to the recent desecration of our peace fence. Many of the fence artists engaged in fairy-like behavior such as strewing flowers, etc., the only thing wrong with this being the delusion that such magical actions are somehow sufficient to bring world peace. Predators correctly concluded that such people were wimps. Some, dismayed at this vandalism, decided that those responsible simply "needed love." What these people need is a serious reality check.

Anger is a necessary part of our animal coping with the environment. Like other instinctual equipment, it's paramount to master an appropriate expression. Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. well understood this, and anyone who doesn't know that knows very little about them. Neither advised people to never get angry, only to keep a clear focus on the goals and not become mindlessly destructive. Holly East, our past executive director of Peace House, let this insight guide her own efforts. Ralph Temple, in his hallmark work in the civil rights movement and with the ACLU, also understands this.

Marshall Rosenberg, who has done simply amazing work worldwide on mediating potentially explosive conflicts, would recognize that some mediations are impossible. I'm sure he'd say that mediating the conflict between the Auschwitz S.S. and the Jews in their keeping was a non-starter. So what do we do when conflicts cannot be mediated, when standing around holding hands, chanting "Ohmmmmmm........" and brandishing signs proclaiming how peaceful we are just doesn't get it?

Then we have to face reality. Like Albert Einstein, we have to identify evil where it exists, uncompromisingly expose the issues and seek justice. Information and justice: These are then the proper expression of our anger and the only possibility for obtaining peace.

Here are a few issues that need our attention:

1) Normalizing relations between the U.S. and Cuba. These have been the result of craven political posturing, imbecility and propaganda.

2) Getting out of Iraq. Now. Then the war crimes trials.

3) Reopening the 9/11 investigation and bringing the neocons to justice. Recently, other nations (e.g., Japan) have tired of the U.S. dithering on this issue and are calling for UN intervention.

4) Educating people on the difference between Hamas, who was rejected by the West Bank government, and Palestinians. Largely imported, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad are bona fide terrorist groups dedicated wholly to the destruction of Israel. They have deliberately sabotaged every single peace initiative ever begun, with flagrant hostility, terrorism and spreading the propaganda that Zionism equates to Nazism. There will NEVER be peace in the Middle East until these distinctions are clearly recognized. Ashland is particularly remiss here in its own fuzzy-headed brand of "PC Liberalism."


If there is anyone I haven't insulted, it is purely inadvertent.

Dr. Aaron Corbet is a biophysicist who has lived in Ashland for the last 13 years.

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