Worldwide wake-up call

If we hear one more pundent say that Obama has got two wars and a dying economy — and that the election is historic because he is black — all TV's should be kicked in. There is so much more happening. Everything that came before election night is history, we have come into the New Rage — giving.

After decades of boring and tasteless greed, the plastic beauty, respecting stupidity, suddenly meaning and dignity returns to our lives. It is about the world, not us anymore. As Obama speaks the straight truth, we can do it too. Newspapers might have a less advertising-based approach with more straight information.

With the real pro-life leaders taking over now, we are guided by a president who refuses to become a product. Hopefully, "spin" will die a long and painful death. News stories might be first-paragraph concise, offering us information rather than the writer's cleverness. There might be a deliverance from glib columnists who signify nothing.

Bravo to the Tidings for showing a picture on its front page of a homeless man with a broken hip sleeping outside. It's happening here as well as Iraq. We're old enough to know. Though slavery can never be erased from our national conscience, we've taken a step towards fairness to all, away from history's hatred into the future's possibility.

The presidential cabinet will no longer be a power game among the most ruthless and ambitious, but a variety of the best and brightest, based on brains and ability. No matter how rough it gets at least we're on the right road to reason. We voted the first collective "yes" to mind over mediocrity, we've performed a bloodless revolution and we've brought Hope back from death.

Calling Obama a communist because he wants to share the wealth was the last bit of nonsense. Isn't democracy about giving everyone a chance, encouraging talent and expertise based on fair taxes? If the Martians landed or there was a world wide disaster, we might have gotten together despite race, class, education and "success." But it didn't happen.

Now we've got a second chance despite ourselves.

Obama will remain invaluable because of his honesty. He's for sharing and caring. Let's see how those with nothing, and those with everything can create ways to help everyone. We took a step towards saving ourselves as a species, so we can now do anything. We voted for the survival of the planet and intelligent life. We voted for animals tortured as food machines and children starving where there is no family planning.

Mankind's biggest steps: walking upright, Mohammed, the space program, Moses, harnessing fire, Mozart, plumbing, Buddha, Shakespeare, Galileo, inventing the wheel, Jesus, Einstein, the printing press, are about spirit and mind being able to becoming whatever it can be. We voted to finally get on with it and take our place in the universe.

"We may not get there together," [quote from the speech, "I have a Dream" by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.] but collectively we have gotten up off the ground and are still going.

Leah Ireland is a freelance writer who lives in Ashland.

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