Cecil tops Stricker for Talent mayor

City Councilman Bill Cecil appeared Wednesday to have captured the mayor's seat with 893 votes, holding a 60-vote lead over his opponent, Darby Stricker.

But Stricker, who received 48 percent of the votes tallied as of Wednesday evening, wasn't ready to concede.

"I think I'll wait until it's all over," said Stricker. "I'll make my comments when the votes are all in."

Cecil was cautions in his statements, but did say it appears he won.

"It would be hard for me to believe at this point that it would change so much," said Cecil. "I guess we'll just see how it goes."

The results won't be official until Nov. 22 when Jackson County must certify the vote, but virtually all nonwrite-in votes should be counted by Friday.

Cecil said he felt good about the support from he received. He said he interpreted the vote as an indication that the city is running well and citizens want to continue with the current direction.

Cecil joined the council in 2006 after serving on the Planning Commission for seven years. He has served on several regional committees as the city's representative.

Stricker was on the council from 2002 through 2004. She's served on the Parks Commission since that time and has been chairwoman of the Planning Commission for the last two years.

Three City Council candidates, Chris Auer, Dan Goyette and Diane Glendenning, were unopposed in contests for four-year terms.

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