Crater Lake fires still burning

The Pumice Complex burning in Crater Lake National Park includes 18 fires, with the largest at 22 acres. The 17 other fires range from five acres to .10 of an acre, according a fire update released this morning.
The hot, dry weather conditions make suppression efforts problematic, and the fires will show increased activity and create smoke columns during the hottest part of the day, officials said.
Ten of the fires have lines around them, and six of these are in mop-up phase.  The absence of roads and steep terrain within the park make it challenging to traverse some of the fire area, adding to the difficulty of the complex, officials said
The park is exceptionally dry due to a three-year drought and higher than normal temperatures. The fuel load is heavy and receptive to fire, which makes fighting the fires even more difficult.
Park visitors should use caution driving around the park because there is increased traffic due to fire vehicles.

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