Dotterrer lead over Bates narrows to 103 votes

Alan Bates has moved to within 103 votes of challenger Dave Dotterer in his race to hang onto his state Senate seat.

Dotterer led Bates with 22,482 votes to 22,379 at a 2 p.m. ballot counting update, 50.05 percent to 49.83 percent.

The gap was as wide as 600 votes this morning and more than 1,000 on election night, according to Jackson County elections supervisor Donna Connor.

Another 5,000 or so ballots will be counted this afternoon, she said, with final results posted by the end of the day.

In the balance could be control of the Senate itself, as Republicans have picked up a number of seats in Salem.

— John Darling, for the Tidings

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