Police issue four citations for fireworks

Ashland police issued four citations to people who used illegal fireworks on Sunday, the first Fourth of July that fireworks have been largely banned in the city.

The ban on all but novelty pyrotechnics appeared to have reduced fireworks use significantly in the city, said Sgt. Warren Hensman with the Ashland Police Department.

"This says to me that we have a citizenry that is aware of the ordinance and did the right thing and did not set off any illegal fireworks within the city limits," he said Monday. "It was relatively quiet."

Police did not issue any fireworks citations on Saturday, Hensman said.

The City Council banned most fireworks in the city last fall, after fireworks ignited two fires on the Fourth of July in 2009.

There were no reports of fires or injuries due to fireworks this year, Hensman said.

Ashland Police Department did not do any targeted enforcement of the fireworks ban, but patrol officers who observed people violating the law did cite people, Hensman said.

"Officers who see it or hear it are going to respond," he said.

Hensman said officers also responded to a few calls about fireworks violations.

Fewer fireworks incidents meant more time for officers to respond to other calls, he said.

"Relatively speaking, everybody had a great day," he said. "We got a lot of positive feedback from the citizens so that was nice to hear."

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