RVTD resumes runs to RVMC, Medford locale

Rogue Valley Transportation District will resume service to Rogue Valley Medical Center and other destinations in south and east Medford, starting April 5.

Known as Route 24, it will replace the former Route 4, which was cut in 2006 because of budgetary restraints. It will run from the downtown bus terminal on Front Street to the hospital, traveling along Central Avenue to Barnett Road, in a loop around RVMC and back. In addition to providing access to medical services, the route will serve the Winco Shopping Center, RVTD planners said.

The service will operate from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, with one departure hourly.

RVTD will re-establish stops where they existed before on Route 4 and add several new stops, a press release announcing the start of the new route said.

A state grant of about $288,000 for elderly and disabled transportation will help pay for the new route. The transportation district said the limited hours will help control costs, but it would like to extend the hours or boost the frequency of buses in the future.

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