Seffinger wins Parks Commission seat

Stefani Seffinger has emerged as the winner of an Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission seat after waging a write-in campaign.

Jackson County elections workers hand-counted 1,016 write-in votes and recently determined the winner for position No. 4 on the Parks Commission.

Seffinger filed paperwork earlier this year to run as an official candidate for the seat. But she was bumped off the ballot after too many residents who signed her candidacy petition sheets either printed their names instead of using their signatures, or signed their names too sloppily.

Signatures on petition sheets have to match signatures on voter registration cards to count.

Seffinger garnered 311 of the write-in votes during the Nov. 2 election.

Seffinger said she’s looking forward to taking office in January, now that she has some certainty about her position on the Parks Commission.

During her campaign, Seffinger said she wanted to help the parks department use more volunteers, make plans to serve senior citizens and be cautious about its use of pesticides, especially in areas frequented by children. She also said she was interested in providing more opportunities for dog owners. Dogs are currently banned in most Ashland parks.

- Vickie Aldous

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