Oregon SAT scores down slightly

PORTLAND — Oregon high school students in the class of 2009 scored slightly lower on the math and writing portions of the SAT college entrance exam than students a year previously while reading held steady.

They still posted overall scores above the national average.

The College Board released the results Tuesday. In Oregon, the average SAT score for the reading portion of the test was 523.

For math, it was 525, down from 527, and for writing it was 499, down from 502. Each section has a top score of 800.

Nationally, the average SAT score dipped from 502 last year to 501 for reading. Math scores held steady at 515, and writing fell from 494 to 493.

Oregon students’ combined average of 1,547 bested the national average of 1,509 for the three subjects. Washington students posted an overall average of 1,562.

The SAT test was taken by 18,016 students in Oregon this year.

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