School district tries for grant to study teacher-pay reform

Ashland School District will apply for a $30,000 grant to study teacher-pay reform in the district and across the state.

The grant is through the Chalkboard Project, a nonprofit focused on improving Oregon schools.

"We want to explore the link between effective teaching strategies and teacher compensation," the district's application reads. "If teachers were compensated for developing a strong set of research based teaching strategies, we believe this would have a very positive impact on student achievement."

The Chalkboard Project's Creative Leadership Achieves Student Success initiative received a $13.2 million federal grant in September for the study and implementation of teacher compensation reforms over the next five years.

Seven school districts are participating in the study so far: Albany, Bend-La Pine, Redmond, Crook County, Lebanon, Oregon City and Salem-Keizer.

Researchers are looking for three more school districts to participate and have expressed interest in working with a district in Southern Oregon, Superintendent Juli Di Chiro has said.

The School Board approved pursuing the grant on Monday.

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