Students suspended for break-in

Sixteen Ashland High School students were suspended after the school's annual "senior prank" apparently escaped the bounds.

A group of students illegally entered the humanities building on South Mountain Avenue in the early morning hours Monday and moved all the furniture on the third floor into the high school's central quad, according to an intercom announcement by Principal Jeff Schlecht on Tuesday morning. One student also spray-painted "Class of 09" in green on the building's exterior on the second floor, students said.

"Seniors have done harmless pranks in the past, but this one really did go over the line," Superintendent Juli Di Chiro said.

Ashland police are investigating the incident, and Di Chiro said Tuesday that criminal charges are possible for two of the 16 students who were suspended.

She said she could not say how long the students would be out of class, but students on the campus Tuesday said the suspensions were for one day.

In his announcement to students over the school's intercom Tuesday morning, Schlecht said he was saddened to see that the prank had involved possibly illegal activity.

"The students who did it were not trying to do harm," sophomore Keven Schilling said. "It was more for the wow factor."

Past pranks have included putting Christmas trees in the central quad, and last year, seniors hauled bales of hay and chickens into the quad.

"Bales of hay and Christmas trees are harmless; those are the best ones when everyone, even the teachers, say, 'All right, that was pretty good,'" senior Taylor Hartrick said. "But when you think they had to break into the school for a prank, that went too far."

Senior Salina Piddington said, "I think the seniors are probably going to have to do another prank this year to redeem ourselves because that was tragic."

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