Toddler falls from second-story window in SOU housing

A toddler who fell from a second-story window of a Southern Oregon University Family Housing building Thursday afternoon appears not to have been seriously injured, police said.

The 2- or 3-year-old boy was transported by ambulance to Rogue Valley Medical Center shortly after he fell onto a dirt area below the apartment in the first block of Wightman Street just before 3 p.m., Ashland Police Chief Terry Holderness said.

"He appears to be fine," he said. "There are no serious visible external injuries, but as a precaution they're checking him for internal injuries. I'm sure he's bruised up and in pain."

A witness who was walking near the apartment at the time of the incident told police she saw the boy banging on the window screen and then saw him topple out the window as the screen came loose. The witness picked up the boy from the ground and carried him into the apartment, police said.

The boy's adult sister, who was with him at the home, called 9-1-1, Holderness said. His mother, a SOU student, met the boy at the hospital, he said.

Police did not cite anyone for the incident and do not believe a crime occurred.

"We have no evidence of any crime," Holderness said. "The witness saw the whole thing very clearly. Also, it's not unusual for people to leave bedroom windows open and it wasn't necessarily foreseeable that the boy would pound on the screen to get it open."

Parents should take caution, especially during the summer months when windows may be left open, to ensure young children can't access windows, Holderness said. "If you're in a second-story, consider other security measures," he said. "Screens look pretty solid, but they can come undone, especially if a child is banging on them."

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