Bike crash victim in serious condition

The bicyclist who was trapped under a car for 20 minutes after a crash Thursday at the intersection of Oak and Hersey streets is in serious condition at Providence Medford Medical Center, a hospital spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Ashland resident Regina Pelagio's injuries are more severe than police initially reported, but are not life-threatening, said Lt. Corey Falls with the Ashland Police Department.

Pelagio, 54, has several broken bones and fractures, Falls said. Her shoulders, arms and hips were injured in the crash, he said.

Police initially said Pelagio had not been seriously injured in the crash because of a miscommunication, Falls said.

The Ashland Police Department is still investigating the crash, he said.

Preliminary reports indicate that Pelagio was traveling on the left side of the street, against traffic, Falls said. He does not anticipate anyone involved in the crash will be cited.

"We have that discretion and we don't cite everybody just because they're at fault," he said. "The fact that she was injured in the crash — that's consequence enough in my opinion."

Police believe Ashland resident Daniel Wilson, 57, panicked after striking Pelagio with his Subaru and accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake, dragging the victim across the intersection, Falls said.

"He went to slam on the brakes and he punched the gas instead of the brakes," he said. "That's an absolute accident. I don't think he had any intent of dragging this lady across the intersection.

"If something starts out as a horrible accident and it's compounded worse by a mistake, that doesn't make it a crime. For it to be a crime there has to be intent."

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