Co-op will stop selling plastic water bottles

Ashland Food Co-op will stop selling bottled water in single-use plastic containers next week, it announced.

The co-op in its newsletter alerted members about the change, effective Wednesday, urging them to "Take Back the Tap" by purchasing a $15 stainless steel bottle and filling it with tap water.

The store is banning only non-carbonated, non-flavored water in plastic bottles smaller than a gallon, said co-op outreach director Annie Hoy.

The co-op will continue to sell carbonated and flavored bottled water in plastic containers. Hoy noted "change comes slowly for people, and taking away the non-flavored and non-carbonated water is a first step to bringing awareness of how wasteful it is."

Hoy's article in the co-op newsletter directs members to, a group that advocates using tap water instead of bottled water.

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