Firefighters rescue logging truck driver

The driver of a logging truck that plunged 10 feet over the edge of a road near Mount Ashland Tuesday was extricated from the vehicle and was not injured, fire officials said Wednesday.

Four Ashland firefighters responded to the crash at about 6 a.m. Tuesday and worked to extricate the driver for 70 minutes, said Margueritte Hickman, fire marshal with Ashland Fire & Rescue. Officials did not name the driver.

The truck, which was not carrying logs, drove over the edge of Forest Service Road 40S15, seven miles from the Mount Ashland ski area parking lot. Logging crew members were trying to free the driver from the cab when firefighters arrived, Hickman said.

The truck was significantly damaged in the crash.

Ashland Fire & Rescue provides ambulance service to approximately 650 square miles of southern Jackson County, from south of Talent to the California border and from the Klamath County line to national forestlands west of Ashland.

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