Local growers launch community-supported agriculture program

Ashland area residents are invited to join a new Community Supported Agriculture Program, the Ashland-Talent Growers CSA.

CSA members pay in advance to receive a regular supply of fresh foods through the harvest season while farmers get start-up funds.

The Ashland-Talent Growers CSA unites three farms, with other producers, to provide a fresh, sustainably produced, affordable foods. The main farms, Village Farm, HappyDirt Veggie Patch and Meadowlark Family Farm, grow more than 50 kinds of produce. They're also offering ways for the community to learn about and engage in sustainable, local food including an e-newsletter, events and volunteer opportunities.

"Small-scale farming is financially challenging, but it's critical to preserve local farmland, farmers and production," said. Village Farm co-founder Chris Hardy. "We united to make farming more efficient and economically viable, and that benefits everyone, growers to eaters."

The CSA goes beyond traditional weekly produce boxes to add Farm Bucks, additional farm products and specialty foods. Members can mix and match from the following:

  • Weekly CSA produce boxes: Selection of seasonal produce in a half or full share for different household sizes and appetites.
  • Farm Bucks: Redeemable for individual items at Growers Markets and farm stands for Village Farm, HappyDirt Veggie Patch, Meadowlark and Neighborhood Harvest, covering vegetables, herbs, fruit and nuts.
  • Local specialty foods: The CSA is offering eggs, bread, mushrooms, microgreens, pickled items and wine from producer partners. Available monthly, biweekly or weekly.

The CSA is accepting sign-ups through the season, which officially starts 5/21.

For more information, visit atgcsa.wordpress.com

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