Yasmin Marie Michaelbrink

Yasmin Michaelbrink was born Yasmin Marie Zia, on July. 26, 1961, in Kabul Afghanistan. Her late mother, Merilyn Zia, and her father, Yassin Zia, were trying to make his native

Afghanistan home for their family. That wasn't to be and the family, including then infant Yasmin, ended up back in the U.S.A. living in Albany, Calif., and later El Cerrito, Calif.

Yasmin's life was a simple life, saturated with family, and struggle. The struggles were mostly her health. Plagued with Lupus and other challenges in her last few years, she always found comfort in her family. She had fought to have a child with her husband, Peter, and succeeded, Emily Michaelbrink, born in 2003. With periodic health struggles, Yasmin found refuge in Ashland with her parents. Two of her last three years on earth were spent there, enjoying the Ashland area, lovingly cared for by her family. It's there in Ashland where she will be buried alongside her beloved mother.

Yasmin had a special bond with her mother. Merilyn was Yasmin's caregiver for almost two years, until she suffered a stroke and could no longer manage. During those two years they spend countless hours together, talking, reading, and praying. Their love was as deep as a mother and daughter could have, and her mom's death in September 2010 impacted Yasmin greatly. Even greater was her concern for her dear father, now alone, and Yasmin fretted over his situation too.

She was a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a wife, and it was family that she reveled in during her life. In her death,

Yasmin leaves many who will miss her. Her devoted and

loving husband, Peter; her daughter, Emily; her father,

Yassin, now living in Cebu, Philippines; her aunt, Zabia; and uncle, Maqsood; sister, Sheila Zia, of Ashland and Talent, Ore; and her brother, John Zia; as well as so many in her

extended family.

Yasmin will be laid to rest at the Mountain View Cemetery in Ashland, Ore., at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, September 3, 2011.

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