Ashland's On The Fly Improv had the audience rolling

A smashing enjoyable evening in Ashland at the Havurah Shir Hadash was had by all Thursday evening when On The Fly Improv presented “A Hair Rolled Experience” that was worthy of any stage. The actors stood on a bare stage with a number of square blocks used as props, and presented an evening of delightful improvisation and comedy.

It was great to see this group of actors working as a team. There were three women and four men, who moved about the stage, and joined in when they felt the urge or to complete a scene. Everyone had equal time. Each actor started off a 12 1/2- minute scene by asking the audience for a word that they would use as their subject for each scene. The audience was eager to participate, and the words flew up to the stage. Once the word was selected, two people usually started the improvisation, with others joining in when the occasion called for it, or a shift in the scene took place. Each scene had numerous shifts.

There was a digital timer projected on the back wall that counted down to zero. When the timer reached the 10-second mark it started to click, and then a buzzer went off, signaling the end of the scene. They would start wrapping it up at the start of the click, and end on the buzzer. Perfect timing!

A review should always have one thing that I feel is very important in a performance. That is the audience’s reaction to the performance and the actors. The audience reaction at this performance was wonderful. There were plenty of laughs that had people almost falling out of their chairs. I saw people with their head thrown back roaring with laughter. Others were holding their mouths and the laughs pushed out past their hands. Some had their face in their hands bent over their legs.

t was a pleasure watching the audience as well as the actors on stage. They audience was theirs. As they used to say years ago, “They knocked them dead!”

If you want a good night of entertainment and laughter, keep your eye out for their next performance of the “On The Fly Improv.”

Sam Younghans of Ashland. who worked in the entertainment industry for many years, is a writer and runs a free acting workshop for all ages at the Ashland Elks Lodge.

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