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Fire danger decreases

The fire danger level decreased from “extreme” to “high” on Sept. 13.

The ban on the use of chainsaws, brush cutters, welding or grinding of metal, and other gas power-driven or spark-emitting machinery has been loosened. Use of this equipment is now allowed from 8 p.m. until 10 a.m. Anyone using these tools must have fire suppressant equipment on hand including a shovel, water and a means to call 911. There is no restriction in green, irrigated landscape.

The following restrictions are still in place:

Outdoor debris burning prohibited;

Fireworks and sky lanterns prohibited (year-round);

Smoking is prohibited in areas of dry vegetation unless in designated locations, inside a vehicle on pavement or on a boat that is on water;

Motorized vehicles may only be used on paved roads except for the use of commercial culture and harvest of agricultural crops; and

Any electric fence controller must be listed by a nationally recognized testing laboratory or be certified by the Department of Consumer and Business Services and must be operated in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Visit www.ashland.or.us/fireseason or contact Ashland Fire & Rescue at 541-482-2770 for the most updated restrictions.

Other resources for fire and smoke information include:

Ashland Firewise – www.ashlandfirewise.org;

Wildfire Hotline (541-552-2490) provides information on fires currently burning in Ashland and the surrounding area during the summer;

Emergency Broadcast Radio (1700 AM) provides information on current emergencies affecting the citizens of Ashland (can only be heard in Ashland); and

Regional fire information can be found at the ODF website at www.swofire.com.

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