Letters to the editor: Dec. 8

Grinch for shoppers

It was Shop Local Saturday and I, like many others, was out to support our community. Parking was a bit tricky, so I found a space — not really legal, but one that seemed the least likely to impact pedestrians, motorists or other parked cars: the Key Bank (closed) parking lot. I did not park within the lines, thus the ticket. Maybe it was a fire lane issue, but at least half of the cars in the lot had tickets.

Having once lived in a town that topped its parking meters with Santa hats that read “Free Parking,” I felt like the Grinch just landed. How about next year, when we are encouraging support for our small businesses, we back off a little on handing out tickets? I may be whining, but it's just a thought.

Kaaren Anderson


Donate to AFP

December is the month of giving, so here's an easy and effective way to give back to your community. Join the Ashland Food Project as a food donor.

You will receive our green bag. In that bag you will collect nonperishable foods or any hygiene products for the bathroom. Then, on the designated day, you put the bag out on your porch and your AFP volunteer will pick up the bag and take it to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank.

Your donation is repeated all over your neighborhood and all over Ashland and the surrounding area. Your support helps the AEFB to help single moms and their children and elderly citizens of Ashland (more than 600 households!). Your support helps to make the AEFB a very effective resource for people in need.

And the process of collecting food in the green bag for the food bank is repeated every two months through out the year. So this act of giving by members of the community to members of the community creates a sustainable supply of food and goods to the AEFB so they can keep their doors open and available for people in need. It's a very simple concept but very effective in its result. Every two months, AFP food donors give 20,000 to 25,000 pounds of food to the AEFB.

And here's maybe the best part: We have found that once a person signs up to join the AFP they almost immediately feel good because they realize they are doing something that is very easy but is a very important and effective way to help our neighbors in need. People who join generally love the process and being involved in a community that helps those in need.

So if you're new to Ashland or have been here for years, now is the time to become a member of the Ashland Food Project as a donor and/or a neighborhood coordinator who picks up those bags on the porches. The next pickup will be Saturday, Dec. 12, around 9 to 10 a.m.

To join online go to www.ashlandfoodproject.com, click on "I want to be a food donor" and fill out the form, or call 541-488-6976 and leave your name, address, email and phone. Let's do our part to give our neighbors a happy holiday.

Rich Stickle



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