Letters to the editor: July 9

Thanks to community

The Ashland Police Department and Ashland Fire and Rescue would like to give thanks to the entire Ashland community for a job well done over the weekend.

There is an ever-increasing risk of fire due to the heat and dry conditions present in our area. Prior to the weekend APD and AFR asked all members of the community to be extra diligent in helping guard against fires resulting from the use of illegal fireworks.

There were no fires reported to have started from fireworks this weekend and APD officers responded to fewer complaints of fireworks than in years past.

Thanks for hearing the warning and doing your part to ensure everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend. This is a great community, filled with engaged people who voluntarily do their part to make sure we thrive as a whole, and this weekend’s lack of emergencies is proof of that.

Thanks to all of you for a job well done!

Chief John Karns

Ashland Fire and Rescue

Chief Tighe O’Meara

Ashland Police Department

The price of a union

In response to Joyce Carrillo’s letter on 7/6 regarding OSF’s resistance to unionization, I do not speak for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, but anyone who has worked in a unionized organization will understand.

There was a time when unions were necessary to defend workers against exploitation from large, or monopolistic employers. This is not the case with OSF, and unions make it impossible to reward productivity or terminate for cause. If you think the price of OSF tickets are high, they will only go higher with unionization, and production quality will suffer.

Dan Fellman


Grasshopper's threat

Today’s climate change deniers are preventing us from preparing for the future. They are akin to the grasshopper in that classic Aesop fable about the grasshopper and the ant, but there are major differences between then and now:

  • Today’s grasshoppers are not only dooming themselves, but all ants as well.

  • They are costing us money by refusing to plan ahead: reactivity is expensive.

  • Grasshopper resistance to fact now goes beyond foolishness: it has become obstinately cult-like.

As we navigate our climate change future we need proactive, innovative leadership from our city and county officials. Those who think ahead will establish climate change task forces ... and be prepared.

Education is key, so urge all grasshoppers and ants in positions of leadership to attend “OUR CRITICAL CLIMATE: Trends, Impacts & Solutions — A Rogue Basin Summit” on Oct. 13-14 in Medford. This interactive conference will be a unique educational opportunity with regional experts discussing all aspects of climate change. Information at: www.socanclimatesummit.info

Determine if your city and county representatives are reactive grasshoppers … or proactive ants. Ask them if they are willing to learn. Ask if they will be attending the summit. Our very survival may depend on their education.

Lee Lull


Protect the Kalmiopsis

Have you ever smelled the vanilla-pineapple essence of a Jeffrey pine tree? You will never forget it. Fond of serpentine soil, the Jeffrey thrives along river banks in Oregon’s Kalmiopsis Wilderness. The Kalmiopsis is one of my most cherished wild places; it contains pristine wild rivers and diverse and rare plant life — unparalleled in the West, but it’s threatened by industrial strip mining.

Two foreign mining companies want to develop three nickel strip mines across thousands of acres of national forest and BLM land. Damage from nickel mining on these public lands will be irreversible and severe. Amazingly, foreign investors would be beneficiaries of this mining of public lands. The stakes for Oregonians include: toxic waste, toxic water pollution, fish and other wildlife and habitat destruction, the release of carcinogenic asbestos and the elimination of healthy fishing and recreational opportunities.

Want to help protect Kalmiopsis creeks and rivers from foreign mining? Just write or call your congressmen and tell them to protect our precious lands from foreign mining or submit a public comment on: kalmiopsiswildrivers.org.

Susan Roudebush


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