Letters to the editor: May 9

Vote for Crain

I urge you to join me in voting for Judge Crain as she seeks re-election to the Circuit Court. Her reputation as a fair, efficient judge is well deserved. She is a person of consummate professionalism, integrity and dedication to her position and her community. Her enthusiasm about taking on the extra work of presiding over treatment courts amplifies her commitment. One only has to read the letters to the editor appearing in the Mail Tribune and Daily Tidings to recognize the gratitude so many have for the excellent way in which she does this work as well as her other duties as judge.

Amy Blossom


Marsh brings experience

I am pleased to offer my encouragement to Pam Marsh as she runs for state representative of Southern Oregon’s District 5. Pam brings a wealth of experience to the table, having served on both the Ashland City Council and Planning Commission and dedicated herself to the good of the residents of our area through such organizations as the Food Bank. She understands the needs of local families and businesses and is committed to efficient and transparent government. Her proven abilities will help her to serve us well in Salem.

Pete Walford


Protect the Applegate

The BLM's recently released Proposed Resource Management Plan drops the Applegate Valley's designation as an Adaptive Management Area (AMA). Applegate residents have long endorsed and embraced the AMA because it engages local people in the planning process through community collaboration, and mandates the use of innovative land management techniques that use current science and local knowledge of the land.

The PRMP also axes the Applegate's beloved Dakubetede Lands With Wilderness Characteristics (LWC) and Wellington LWC. The popular Sterling Mine Ditch Trail traverses the Dakubetede LWC, while the proposed Applegate Ridge Trail traverses the Wellington LWC.

As the population of the Rogue Valley grows it is increasingly important to protect these areas for their ecological importance, as well as for the growing recreational economy of our region. People in urban centers need places to find solitude and quiet recreation. The Applegate wants to see our backyard back country protected to preserve the rural character of our valley.

Although these two LWCs have very little commercial timber (they mostly contain chaparral and grasslands) it is important to note that they are worth more to the economy of Southern Oregon, protected for non-motorized recreation, than they are as stump fields.

Suzie Savoie


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