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Public invited to Theater Corridor public art dedication

The Ashland Public Arts Commission invites the community to a celebration starting at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7, to welcome “Velocity” by artist Gordon Huether into the city’s public art collection.

The gathering will take place at the top of the “Theater Corridor” walkway between East Main Street and the city parking garage and the Thomas Theatre.

Velocity is a 126-foot-long and 10-foot-high sculpture of a bouncing ball, ending in a 4-foot diameter acrylic ball containing a programmable, color-shifting LED light.

The location for this public art piece was originally identified by the ad hoc Downtown Beautiful Committee with the intent to visually and spatially enhance the experience of pedestrians on the corridor and adjacent sidewalk, activating the use of the walkway both during the day and at night, according to the Arts Commission event announcement.

Huether, an internationally known public artist, was awarded the Theatre Corridor public art project commission in August 2017. Huether has spent his entire career in the field of public art, designing site-specific art installations around the world. His work has been characterized as “colorful, textural, playful and endlessly engaging.”

Much of Huether’s work is fabricated at his studio in Napa, California, by his team of craftsmen recognized for “their innovative, creative and highly professional artistry.”

A goal of public art is to enhance an individual’s experience of a space and its surrounding environment. Huether believes that public art can shape a space in a very positive way, bestowing a new level of engagement to an otherwise everyday experience, and that “truly successful and exceptional public art should make the viewer’s experience of the installation an adventure, a visually and emotionally engaging experience.”

Huether will talk about his creation at the celebration.

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