School district adds day to school year

There'll be one more school day added to the next school year, the Ashland School District board voted Monday, June 8.

It's the first time in more than 20 years instructional days have increased for all Ashland K-12 students.

"The time was right," said Superintendent Jay Hummel in a statement. "The state of Oregon averages one of the shortest school years in the country, and we want to begin addressing this shortfall."

The recent passage of a renewed Youth Activities  and Academics Levy, which must go before voters every five years, helped.

"Without the YAAL, we couldn't even begin to talk about adding school days to the calendar," said Jim Westrick, chairman of the Ashland school board. "Ashland is a community that values the world-class education students receive here, and we'll never take that for granted."

"Ashland teacher s are excited to be moving this direction," added Ashland Education Association President Aaron Sturdevant. "It's good for kids — and we're hoping it's only the beginning.

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