Women's March: Well worth the trip

The 2017 Women's March in Ashland drew an amazing crowd — as many as 20,000 people, according to organizers. This year, the Women's March will be held in Medford on Saturday. This is no time to let a little distance stand in the way of once again delivering the message that people from all walks of life are standing up to the Trump administration's efforts to roll our political and cultural clocks back 50 years.

The march is described as a nonpartisan event, and rightly so. Republicans, Democrats, Greens, independents — all are affected by the drastic changes enacted and proposed. People across the country are standing up for themselves, their children, their grandchildren, their friends and for people they don't even know, but whose very existences are threatened by Trump and a compliant GOP-dominated Congress.

Participants will gather for the 2018 Women's March at 11 a.m. Saturday in Hawthorne Park and march to Pear Blossom Park for a rally that is scheduled to conclude at 1 p.m. Come early; parking will be at a premium, just as it was a year ago.

This year's marchers have many messages to deliver — a growing number thanks to our president's uncivil ways. If you support DACA youths, if you believe no one's country should be labeled a "sh--hole," if you believe we should protect, not degrade, our environment, if you believe our country can once again shine, please make the short trip — and in doing so make an important statement.

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